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About Us

About Houston Center for Taekwondo

Master Gianni Giambi, established the Houston Center for Taekwondo (HC Taekwondo) in the Spring Branch District of Houston, Texas back in 2012.


Master Gianni Giambi | Personal Statement


“My father, Grand Master Mark Giambi, the founder of Young Brothers Tae Kwon Do School in Houston,Texas, introduced me to Tae Kwon Do at the early age of four. Having grown up with this constant force in my life, I look back with appreciation for what Tae Kwon Do has done for me.


“In my youth, Tae Kwon Do gave me the confidence and character needed to overcome negativity and social pressures. I learned that being mentally tough was a powerful tool, and I now had the discipline to complete my tasks. I began to challenge myself, which led me to compete nationally and internationally, where my perspective on the sport and competition started to broaden. I realized I would be a lesser human being if not for Tae Kwon Do.


“As an adult, I feel I need to pay back, in a sense, for all I have received. I feel I owe it to Tae Kwon Do to teach genuinely and to the best of my ability– not only to better others, but also to uphold the integrity of art. In August of 2012, I followed my family’s tradition and opened The Houston Center for Tae kwon do.”



Learn more about HC Taekwondo establishment in the Spring Branch district of Houston, Texas.

Customer Testimonial

“Houston Center for Taekwondo has been like family to me and my kids. They are strict but fair and loving. Our 2 kids have been training under Master Gianni Giambi and his very well trained and skilled staff for 3 years. The staff has always been very attentive to our needs and the needs of our children.”


– Aliza and Chaim Sigler