Meet Master Gianni Giambi

Career Accomplishments


  • 2016 USA Taekwondo National Coach
  • Taekwondo Coach /AAU Regional Coach
  • Coached athletes who have attained the following
  • USAT Junior National Team
  • USAT Senior, Junior National Champions
  • AAU Cadet, Junior, Senior National Team (10+ athletes)
  • AAU National Championship ( 50+ athletes)
  • US Open medalists
  • Canadian Open medalists
  • Junior World Championship medalist

About Master Gianni Giambi

2016 USA Taekwondo National Coach

Master Gianni Giambi, began Taekwondo at age 4 under his father Grand Master Mark Giambi who is the founder and master instructor of Young Brothers Taekwondo Schools in Houston, Texas. At age 12 Master Giambi, began training with Olympic team coach Jean Lopez and Paris Armani, alongside multiple Olympians including Steven Lopez the most accomplished Taekwondo athlete in history. However, due to multiple knee injuries, Master Giambi taekwondo career came to an end in his early twenties. To fill the athletic and competitive void, he began boxing and was later able to fight professionally.


Master Giambi now is fortunate to bring together everything he has learned and pass it to his students. “Coaching has by far become my most gratifying endeavor, I am able to facilitate a path to my athlete’s goals and in the process watch the journey shapes and molds them.”


USOC_TKD_Lockup copy

On April 21, 2016, Master Gianni Giambi joined the USA Taekwondo 2016 National Coaching staff.




  • USA National Champion
  • Multiple USAT (USTU) TX State Champion
  • Multiple AAU National Team member
  • ITF Junior World Team Member




  • 2012 -­ 2014
  • A professional fighter trained under Bobby Benton at Saverese/ Main Gym.


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