About Us

Our Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

Houston Center for Taekwondo’s vision is to maintain and develop students who adhere to and maintain the five benefits of Tae Kwon Do: To train, monitor and maintain only the students who show respect for self, others and country and who show determination and discipline.


At Houston Center for Taekwondo, we believe that success breeds success. As such, we feel that Taekwondo training works best when implemented at an early age. The longer a student is involved in training, the more they can build on previous accomplishments. That journey begins here. Taekwondo can change one’s outlook on life as they develop their sense of value via accomplishments and learn the true meaning of commitment. We have often seen tears of joy in the eyes of parents upon witnessing their child’s accomplishments within the program.


We strive to teach genuinely and to the best of our ability, not only to improve others, but to uphold the integrity of art. We welcome all levels of clients, from novices to elite-level athletes,regardless of experience level.

Our Mission

“Through Taekwondo training, we strive to develop the full potential in our students, enabling them to embrace the challenges of life more successfully, while setting the highest standard of excellence.”


– Master Gianni Giambi

Houston Center for Taekwondo (HC Taekwondo) will provide unparalleled martial arts training throughout the United States with top world class Taekwondo Masters and Instructors with a minimum of 4th Degree Black Belt or higher. All of our Master Instructors will be chosen and trained by Masters of the Houston Center for Taekwondo Association before establishing their own schools. This will be done while maintaining the main Taekwondo training focus: respect, discipline, confidence and self-confidence.